Room eleven - Could that be you?

Water in the sink
Coffee Cup
Spoon, forks and wishes
Glasses with lipstick

Soul music in the background
I can't hear 'cause the tap is running
Oh I miss another voice, another sound
I want to have fun

I need someone
Oh, yes I do
I need someone to help me drying
Oh, could that be you?

Soap and bubbles
My dishwater out of order
I'm splashing all the water around
It could be so much fun, but i'm all alone

I could say that I don't care
But that just ain't true
Oh it's not fair
That I'm talking to myself when I could be
laughing with you

It's not that I hate drying
But I can't deny
I need someone to talk to
Oh, could that be you?
Could that be you?


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