Ll cool j - Ur only a customer

It's all real talk baby
No question, uh

When I do, what I do, there's no competition
I'm number one, uh, you're only a customer
When it comes to the paper we chasin'
Homey I stay with some,
When you walkin' in the presence of hustlers
When the whips come out, you know just what I'm 'bout
I'm havin' fun, uh, you're only a customer
And the ice that I rock is oh so hot
You should get you some,
When you walkin' in the presence of hustlers

First of all, I switched the protocol
Been teachin' 'em how to ball since Mike went "Off the Wall"
And furthermore, I'm a hustler to the core
I give you what you need, proceed to keep it raw
Your choice, you can live or die, either or
Have them candles and flowers by that bodega store
Life's about choices so choose homeboy
50 told me L, time to bring out the toys
So it's Lambs and Maseratis, hotties with hard bodies
Ridin' on Ducatis, toast to after party poppin'
Cause my joint's rockin', all the heads boppin'
You know the apple's ridin', that's why the D's watchin'


I rock from party to party, backyard to yard
Ask around God~! They tell you L goin' hard
I got my mojo back, I'm seein' mo' dough black
My face on promo wraps, I'm seein' fo' mo' plaques
The way the paper stack, I'm okay with that
She's so smart in my lap, she's a brainiac
We roll around in the sack, laugh and spillin' the 'gnac
I'm the dog killin' the cat, ignorin' the jack
This is flawless rap, you can't call this whack
Where the ballers at? Go 'head, throw up a stack
This is simply facts, I got the gift to mack
I take this to the max, what'chu know about that?


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