Ozark Henry - Weekenders

With Brighton only half a day away
Weekenders we were in all but name
I thought we had control and got it straight
Curiosity had tricked us all the same


And I still hear you call- and I turn around in vain
I still hear you call- and I thougt I heard my name
I still hear you call- but it's me I end up facing
I still here you call- as you ever walk away

Blood and sweat's to spill, there's always more,
No one to tell you what it's all been for
And what it took from you to pass your mark
To sell your soul, you even sold your heart


I need you (2x)

This is no ones failure so they say
A hint's enough and I'm rising to the bait
We thought that we could to this
Ain't it strange
How nothingness just comes
And takes your place


I need you (4x)

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