Little steven - Under the gun

In the eleventh hour
Whose name do you call
Ain't it funny how all the rest
Don't mean a thing at all
And baby where you been to
It's down to you and me
No more foolin' around the pressure's on now
What's it gonna be
You're under the gun

Can you still deliver
After all these years
Don't you feel abandoned, let's see who's standing
After the smoke clears
And how does it feel baby
To taste your own sweat
Your skin is crawlin', your mama's callin'
But you ain't safe yet
You're under the gun

In the eleventh hour
You find out what you're made of
Gather your strength if you've got what it takes
To protect the things you love
We're runnin' out of heroes
So what you gonna do
Can't wait forever I got bad news
They're all waiting for you
You're under the gun

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