Bleu edmondson - Back to you

There's a comfort in the cross

On the hill above the town

Something steady for the meek

When it all comes crashing down

I've been known to talk to Jesus

But only when I needed to

I've got lots that needs forgiving

It all comes back to you

Out here searching for my shelter

I crossed the river 7 times

Wanna hear your sweet voice calling

Down the valley, through the pines

I need something to believe in

Thirsty for a little truth

I've been running short on faith

My faith runs back to you

There's a quiet in the twilight

That's when I talk to you

Can you hear me

I pray you hear me

Yeah, I hope I'm getting through

No one else could touch me

You had a way of cutting true

I've been bleeding for you darling

My blood runs back to you

My faith runs back to you

It all comes back to you

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