Brandon rhyder - Between here and the front door

You?ve been waltzing in and out of this life for so long its getting to be old hat

I bet you never thought that you could ever go so wrong

But right now that?s where you?re at, It?s time to face the cold hard fact


Between here and the front door

You better think of something, think of something real fast

I ain?t stopping you anymore

You?re about to say something that you can?t take back

So there?s nothing I can do but draw a line down the middle

Of the living room floor, and it?s all going down between here and the front door

Well you?re doing it again, changing colors with the wind

Well baby get it understood

If you?re gonna go, go but if you?re gonna stay, stay

But this time you?re staying for good, hey I?d help you if I could


This is where it happens, this it where it gets real

I don?t want to lose you, you know how I feel


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