Hurricane chris - Do something

Ay, ay, ay
Say dis real rite here ya heard me
Niggas jus' don't neva stop hatin', Ay

[Chorus x2]
I think somebody tryna do me somethin, (do something) cuz I can't sleep (do something)
And I'm nervous when I eat, (do something)
And I ain't even got no beef (do something)
But it feel like I got beef (do something), cuz I ain't slept in a week (do something)
And I ain't takin' a step outta my door without that heat (do something)

[Verse 1]
I think somebody tryna do me something, cuz I cant sleep
My mama cooked a meal for me, but I
Cant eat. Its too much shit on my mind,
I can't stop thinkin' bout dyin', so whoeva cross that line, you gon get dat .45
My daddy jus' got home, but they jus' came and got my nigga, poor
Victor Feelin got caught up wit two choppas and a pistol
And I'm beginning to hate these rap niggas real fast
Put my name on a track im gon come where you at and blast
Just the other day I almost had to do a nigga
He thought I was go fight him, but I wus gon shoot a nigga
Now I know that sound fucked up, but I aint got no time
Soon as you whip a nigga he jus' gon go get his iron, his nine, or his rugle, howeva he wanna do ya
I ain't thinkin', I ain't talkin', I ain't boxing, ima shoot ya
His nine or his rugle, howeva he wanna do ya
I ain't thinkin', I ain't talkin', I ain't boxing I'ma shoot ya

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I think somebody tryna do me something, I see him lookin'
Come play me like a rookie, watch
How quick I leave you shooken
I hop outta the bushes wit that thang like surprise, and if you
Try to run then that choppa knock off yo thighs
La-la-la-la-la-la-la, take off I'll shoot off
Yo tires
Me an my clique be posted up on the block, what's yo sign (get em up), but back to the
Subject of how these hataz wish me death,
I peeped the way these niggas try to play me to the
So I keep the "K" off in the trunk, I'm heated when I step,
Cause beefin' ain't beefin' until
You stop somebody breath
And if we creepin, I'm creepin, bussin til it ain't nuthin left
If we creepin', I'm creepin' bussin' 'til it ain't nuthin' left, like dat

[Break x2]
Do something, do something, do something, nigga do something
Do something, do something, do
Something, nigga do something


[Verse 3]
I remember one Sunday we hit the scene, it was packed, sittin' on 22's wit the paint wet black
Me an my nigga he got my back, I got his back
Dem hoes standing on top of the car shakin' cat
We finna do a show, so we pull the truck to the back
But when I hit the door, them niggas
Ain't know how to act
Dem hoes grabbin on my chain, pullin on my plaits
Dey want me to take
Em home and hit em from the back
But when we got outside, them pussy niggas was hatin', actin'
Like he wanna do me something but he fakin'
I asked him what it was wit no fuckin' hesitation,
One false move ima leave you shakin on the pavement
I had a funny feeling that something was
Going on, nigga wanna do me something cuz im ridin on chrome
I had a funny feeling that something was going on,
Nigga wanna do me something cause I'm ridin' on chrome

[Chorus x2]


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