Hurricane chris - New fashion

[Verse 1]
I'm 18 in a s550 platinum on 22 inches
Dem haters say they goin' back me
Tell them haters come get with me
I'm finna run tha game, these other rappers lame

Only thing they rapping about is they watches and they chain
I'm a beast with it, that's why I'm finna run da south
I been listenin' to these niggas run they mouth but that's bout it though

I'm cut throat, to the meat show
And eyes fold lame niggas like a peep show
Fake on me and watch how quick I hit yo block and get respect
And I'm 51 50 so fake on me I break yo neck

And whoever got a problem with somethin' da boy say
Found out where dem boys stay I hop out in broad day
Oh yea you got a vest then I'm goin for the face
You heard about Louisiana boy that's where I stay

You gotta be ready to go to war like everyday
And if you ain't goin' come outside nigga that's just how we play

Take a trip to my side that ain't cool that ain't straight
So you come through stuntin' and get somethin' put in your face
Man these rapper niggas full let me eat these niggas plate
Man these rapper niggas full let me eat these niggas plate (like that huh)

[Hook: x2]
I guess that's the new fashion
All of these rap niggas actin' like (acting like)
It's me and I'm a make em quit rappin'
I'm from Louisiana I ain't with that slick packin' (Yea)

[Verse 2]
Somebody tell me why most of these niggas actin' like hoes
And the hoes in the game be realer than most niggas
How many faces you got I mean ma nigga come on
You be a different person everytime the tv come on

Nigga that ain't real if you ask me they be fakin'
Come cross me with that talk and I'll send you on a vacation
Ma niggas from Louisiana ain't loss everything
So they stay ready to cock choppers back and let em go bang (get em up)

Blocka blocka big bang spittin' out dat big old thang
Artillery by the pound shit that will blow up a train (pow!)
Better stay in yo lane pop dat trunk and get that thang
Put a beam on em and tell em make them nikes do they thang

Why is the world infested with bodies rookies and pussys
Grown ass man but dey act like dey got nookies
Dey grown ass man but dey act like dey got nookies
Niggas grown as man but dey act like dey got nookies (huh?)

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 3:]
So what's hot out in the streets huh (huh?)
You got a problem with a nigga but
You handle all your problems over beats huh
Nigga yous a beat punk

You get yo ass straight stole, quick fast
Play with us and you gon' sleep for months
(Nigga you gon' sleep for months)
Creepin' in this rear view mirror and raise dem heaters up
Raise dat desert eagle up

Wanna know the truth a lot of these niggas childish
Hoppin' on dem tracks and really think dey wildin'

I rep that L O U I S I A N A da state
Where dey holla ay bay bay and keep a clip off in dey safe
And these rappers, they actin' like faggots
I feel like ice cube man these niggas need a daddy

Pokin' out dey chest and always actin like dey bad
While I'm snappin' like a pit ready to get off in dey ass
51 50 we ten toes deep like that
You know me I keep dem lame ass niggas on blast! (like dat) (huh)

[Hook: x2]


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