Hurricane chris - Getting money

Spent a long time comin'
They wonder why I act like this ya heard me
That's all I know

[Chorus: x2]
Say you see I still got much to learn
But I know I still I got money to burn
I'm in the streets can't take it out on me
I'm getting money getting money thats all I know

[Verse 1]
Why don't you criticize me for actin' like I act if I ain't never had a thang
My daddy got locked when I was 12 my whole life changed
My momma hustled hard and then had to get the bills paid
While you probably ridin' round the in yo Escalade
But now that I got money I went and bought me 2 mansions
Just to stunt on them niggas who told me I never had it
I walk out the door the other day and my momma told me you got a lot to learn
She told me just because we got all these money to burn don't think I can't be a turned
To go bigger to the streets
So I stay back with some heat
24 hours 7 days of the week cause they free
24 hours 7 days of the week I'm a beast

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm 18 years old and I done seen more drama than a lil' bit
And don't advise you to talk about it unless you lived it
My pedal to the medal while I'm thinkin' bout all my dogs I lost in the streets
Tryin' to ball like me
And these is for my niggas who used to roll gold d poppin the trunk on them swangers Hopping out in tall tees so all my niggas that ballin' and feel like me from the struggle and gutta to makin' a live g
Keep my head up remember who got me right where I'm at today as long as I got money I give a damn what a hater say
One thang I know for sho I'm a get paper till it ain't no more
Plus I got a crazy flow
I know some body said a hard head make a soft ass
That's why I keep a block on the seat while I'm ridin' in the jag
5150 you don't know nothing bout it
Homeboy... Judge... Still ain't comin'

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 3]
I'm makin' money nigga you can't tell me shit
I'm gone keep stuntin' instead of shinning on these hatas
I'm counting money doing my thang I be hustling from Monday to Sunday
Doing what I want I be getting it in

[Chorus: x2]

Writers: Christopher Wallace , Duane S. Hitchings , Dennis Lambert , KIMBERLY JONES , FRANNE GOLDE , JAMES LLOYD

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