Mr. Capone-E - Confessing a Feeling

Verse 1

Baby Baby
Yes I love you baby
With all my heart and soul
And forever ill be yours
This love I have for you
Baby its real
Shows how much I love you
This is how I feel
Right now and forever more
This love I have for you baby
Jus grows and grows ohhhh

Iiiiim confessing a feeling
"I love you baby""
I love you
Baby baby I'm confessing it to you
"I love you baby I love you"

(Mr. Capone-E)
Hey Hey there mija
Check this out
I got this lil love letra
It you I was planning
And putting it in you're mail box
And its just a poem
I wrote I'm just
A lil bit shy to
Confront you in person

Verese 2
This poetry of in silence
All night long got me writing
Huh I wanna take it to you
Make it with you you got
Me so shy hey I'm trying
To confess be my best what's the test
I'm willing to do whatever it takes
Make no mistakes
Orale I'm just a guy
Full of pride side to side
I'm trying hard to make it last
Make it work
Now lets end this search
The thing I'm saying with
Meaning got me
Feaning por que baby girl
I'm expressing to you I'm just
Confessing my feelings

Chorus x1

(Mr. Capone-E)
That right huh I know
I look like a gangster but
Hmmm baby don't judge me that
Way I'm jus and
Ordinary guy like
Everyone else by the
Way I wanna prase you mija about
You're looks

Verse 3

You're Beautiful eyes
Got me hypnotize one
Look and I knew you were mine
One of a kind
With you're sexy lips
Got me in a twist now
Listen to this I'm trying to
Confess a feeling
Baby girl you know
My meaning I'm giving
To you
Is what I do when you
Look so gleaming
Like a rose stand out from
A flower like the sun
When you so shine
You're the sea to my life
And you so fine
Damn words can't describe
You're classy
From a star like a straight
Viloin from my heart that
Right baby

chorus x1


Well well this
Is the last page
And I wanna tell you everything
You know I wanna
Let it off my chest and huh
I just wanna
Tell you like it is

Verse 4
Tell it like it is
I ain't no kid baby I'm for real
And that's the deal
You're so seductive constructive
With the choices you make
All so great
If this world were
Mine ill have you by my side
These arm's of mine
Bottom line girl is
Lets go ride
I'm that type of guy
I need to slow it down
You got me going in circles
You're my recipy for this special tea
Baby write this with no rehersals
Watcha touch ya
Who do you bealive in
You're in search for a guy
But I'm confessing this feeling

chorus x1

Spanish chorus

amor baby
Si te amo baby
Con mi alma
Why corazon
Siempre ser tuya
El amor que siento
Es de verdad
Se ve que te
Quiero para siempre
A mas amoooor
Why por siempre mas
Este amor que yo siento crece
Mas why mas


amoooor me 'stoy confesando
"I love you baby I love you"
Baby Baby Confesandote de mi
I love you baby I love you

Thanks to Karra Garza for these lyrics

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