Plies - The real testament intro

Aye, I like to welcome all you motherfuckers
To The Real Testament
This where the truth get told
And bullshit ain't tolerated

Before I sell my soul I?ll lose everything
You can lock me up, cracker, I?ma get out and do the same thing
You take this rap shit from me, I?ll find another game
Don't get this shit confused, nigga, this was never my dream

I only [Incomprehensible] without a scene
I?d rather kill myself before I?ll live a lie
Before I ever turn informer, nigga, I?d rather fry
My momma lost me to the streets, I told her don't cry

Told her if she understood real she should understand why
The wrong slip in these streets and crackers had your life
Been had plenty of money, nigga, but never paid tithe
Nigga was caught up in this thuggin', I apologize

You call the nigga your dawg but will he really ride?
This nigga know how to get money but will he testify?
Give a fuck why you told, snitchin' somethin' I can't buy
Rather I sell a hundred thousand or I sell a mil'

The fact remain the same, nigga, I'm still real
Broke my heart, they gave my lil' homie 15 years
I put a cast on my heart in place of the tears
He told me, ?Plies, I'm livin' through you while I been here?

The realest shit I ever heard, that shit gave me chills
And I?ma get that time off him if it?s God?s will
I don't know when God comin?, that's my only fear
Been drankin? since I was sixteen, it help me think clear

Don't come to my funeral if I ain't fuck with you while I was here
Some fuck niggas in the county now who tryin? to get me in there
But niggas in hell want ice water so I don't care
The opposite of you, fuck niggas, ?cause you a square

I know of some fuck niggas that hate me that I ain't never met
Never talked to me, never even seen me yet
Only thing they know is I'm where they tryin? to get
Respect it or check it, nigga, ?cause I don't know this shit

I been dealin? with envy, nigga, ever since I was a git
Hated by many, loved by the same so I'm even, bitch
Now I put my hand on the Bible, swear to tell the truth
You liked to hear lies
This is the wrong CD to listen to, nigga, nigga

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