Kia Shine - Holla at Ya Kin Folk
Overige artiesten: Ericka Yancey

I gotta be honest though and tell the truth
That why I talk on my records, that be why I talk on my records
Be like cause I got something to say
And on this song right here I got something to say
About them real women out there, you know what I'm saying?
Ya heard me?

Holla at me any time you need me
When you hear this song bump on the radio
I, know you be happy cause we made it past it
If you need something just ask daddy, come on
When sunshine turns to rain
You stuck with me through all the pain - that's why I love you
Trust me, you ain't got to want for nothing
If you ever need me - just holla at ya kinfolk

Kinfolk, look
Kinfolk she came down South with me, suffered through the drought with me
Lived out of car, still didn't have no doubt in me
She went without with me, lost everything she had (that she did)

To get me back on my feet she borrowed from her mom and dad
She wore the same clothes, even rocked the same shoes (same shoes)
She sold her earrings man to get ya boy back in the booth
She sold my mixtapes to help me get our s*** straight

My gal trill and for me she'll do whatever it takes
She took a charge for me when I got caught with a gun and Hydro
At TSU homecoming at the ma** co (cash real)
She on the grind with Shine, trying to come up on these figures

I'm a keep it trill man, she realer than most of y'all n****z
Taught her stay down (down) and you'll come up (up)
That's how we live everyday where I'm from bra
And man it's what she did (did) she know who she is (she know)
Anything I got I'm a give her, holla at ya kinfolk


Kinfolk, kinfolk!
See you my inspiration; on top of that my motivation
I know you got my back, regardless of the situation
Girls don't even know you hate you, I know they get so aggravating

Yet you got so much patience dealing with me and this dream I'm chasing
I'm constantly on the road (road) I'm constantly on the move (move)
You calmly handle the duties, things you thought you'd never do (do)
Like living out hotels and messing up your credit (credit)

It would of broke a weaker gal but you ain't let it (ain't let it)
Get the best of ya that's why I mess with you
Went through God's test with you, why I'm so blessed with you
I must confess to you when I say that you the trillest (trillest)

Compared to any other gal yeah you the realest (the realest)
And man you got to feel it, just like my heart's feeling
Through this track when I be talking about this hard living
It's like you was my witness (witness) now you is my Mrs.
Anything you want you can get it, holla at ya kinfolk


You know I ain't one of these dudes
Who too hard to say how he feel, know what I'm saying?
It don't cost nothing to keep it trill
You stay down there with me, you gonna get what's due to you
Whatever you need daddy got you
Holla at ya kinfolk


Just holla at ya kinfolk

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