Relax - Dream on
Overige artiesten: Jacqueline govaert


You could be someone that I have been searching to say hello to
You could be someone that I will just never forget or return to
Someone was out before he thought he could be
Someone was out before he could have been someone

Verse 1:

I woke up about a quarter to late, I got the whole world buzzin about my date today.
So no time to waist, cuz tonight we flaunt, bout te rock some mic`s and then some audience,
Movin along I had to speed things up, cuz I had to bring out some pain with meth and doc.
(then) Missy called me up if I could drop some lines so I passed that dutch and then quickly dropped by, said hi to fitty (50 cent) he had studio one, told`m abot birthdays and then it all began.
Loads of fun, but still I had to jet, I had a cameo at nine with that kid called brad, but on my way to the set things just fall apart, the roots were one verse short I did my job. Then (I) rocked with (Lenny) mr kravitz cuz he was going my way after my quick rendez vous with beyonce

Then someone asked me: Did we take our medicine today young men


Tell me, how was your child hood, what?

Verse 2:

Anyway I was almost there, but I promised Jay z for some roc a wear, so I pulled up the lot for some clothes to drop, then andre called just te say wuzzup, I said speakerboxxx and the love below splitt that shit In half bigga and there you go, so now ye know, but I have to run. Eminem is opening my show and he`s almost done, then I got on and wrecked the stage with my back up mc`s snoop dog and dr dre.
No time to waist cuz I had Britney and j-lo waiting for me backstage

But tell me did you had any longterm relationships

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