Fiddlers Green - Knock on Wood

Hey, don't you push your luck
Buy yourself a rubber duck
You are a lucky lucky dog
Thank your lucky stars
When there's no pain in the air
I went over big

I don't believe in jinx
But there are many weird things
So we better knock on wood
Mind the gap, don't you stumble
That's the way the cookies crumble
So we better knock on wood

I will be there so I push my luck
I will be there
On the sunny side of the sunny street
The sunny side

Hey keep your fingers crossed
Somethings won and somethings lost
Better knock on wood
While the going's really good
Better let us knock on wood
Better knock on wood

Wham bam thank you mam
A chusla gra ma croi young man'
I'm gonna waste my time no more
I got a sporting chance to begin a new romance
I'm gonna waste my time no more

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