Vanessa hudgens - Drip drop

(drip, drop) (drip, drop)

Now only heaven knows how I reall feel inside
I try my best not to let it show, but late at
night in my room I think of you, and start to cry
you know that I'm emotional, still ya break my heart,
let's make no mistake/we both know that your the one responsible
for hurting me this way, and now my tears like rain

Drip, drop when will my tear drops stop, falling for you
Tick tock, seady as a clock, drip drop,
hopin' someday soon I'll be over you.

It's a quarter after twelve, I know I should be in bed
boy you got me feeling sorry for myself,
I must confess this lonliness killing me (I'm so upset)
How could you break all your promises, like how you told me,
you'd be there to hold me.
I can'not be-lieve the way I fell for it, I was a fool
to buy all the lies you sold me


we were never ment to be,
I'm sorry that it aook so long got me
to see what's happenin'
yah com around and then it rain's again.
(drip, drop)

It's raining it's pooring, I try hard these tears
(so hard / ignoring / the tears) [x2]



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