Sammy Kershaw - Leavin' Made Easy

You oughta write a book called leavin' made easy
Cause you do it so well
Step by step instructions
On how to turn heaven into hell
It would be a million seller
And this critic would agree
If you really want to break a heart
Just read leavin' made easy

You gave me all the standard reasons
The required tears
Grabbed your coat, picked up your suitcase
Simply disappeared
And just as easily
As you made me fall
You took this lovin' heart and nailed it to the wall


I still hear those tires squealin'
As you made your run
You took the hardest part of leavin'
And made it look like fun
And like a harlequin romance
I thought we'd love on and on
But you just wrote me off and I guess I read you wrong


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