Matthew West - This Ordinary Life

This Ordinary Life
I've been thinking about my life
Seems I never take a chance,
I talk about it all the time,

But it's just the same old song and dance,
Wish to do that,
Maybe tomorrow,
Hope to get there some day . . real soon,

I don't want to talk about it
I just want my life to shout it!

Alright, ok, I'm on my way,
Take me beyond this ordinary life,
With you I pray, my heart will stay,
Take me beyond this ordinary Life

Findin' I was standin' at the edge
Of all my dreams throughout these years,
I tried to put my best foot forward
But I got tangled up in fear,

Still you were wating all the while, for me,
Now I know it's now or never,
I will live for you forever!


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