Remy ma - Bilingual
Overige artiesten: Ivy queen

I'm a one bitch army y'all can hardly clam me so imagine when I team up with the puerto rican barbie its gone be honestly I'm so from the bronx being all I really wanna see is blood on the concrete, bodies in bags and flowers on caskets, corpses is swarmin with flies and maggets. Innocent girls and boys turn into bastards I want bitches to die deaths that are tragic and nigga's fucked in they ass turned into faggots, their balls cut off and mailed to their parents. See I don't give a fuck, I'ma muthafuckin savage, now y'all tell me what bitch is the badest.
Its remy con la queen you need fire tu sabe fuego esta aqui
Bete par caraho nigga fall from me
No este piece of papel it ain't hard to see
A full clip & a extra yo soy la mierda
Ta te quieta dis bitch gotta bad temper
Ustedes putas no peuden jugar con nosotras punyeta!!
CMPR niggas meant 2 da bronx is where they went 2
I'm a show ya muthafuckas how da rhyme bilingual

The gurl is not 2 be fucked wit see I don't give a fuck there's not a pussy on this planet dat can't be fucked bitches don't exsist 2 me they all cum face sluts how is room in ya mouth for my name wit all dat dick you suck & ya husbands a homo he loved 2 get stuck like dildos & vibrators shoved in his butt we ran tris on his lips & made him dress up & I got it on tape we str8 fuckin raped him don't get it confused see I hate male groupies pero he's willin then I'm ready 2 take da opportunity my bitches is the illest so really we don't gotta care bete pa la mierda nigga get da fuck outta here yo no juego nigga I don't play what I'm capable of I don't know yo no se remy ma keeps da gun cocked in da auto ms ivy queen please canta el choro

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