Blackalicious - Powers

Met her out of town
In a small cafe
She had the motion of the ocean
How her hips did sway
She had everybody lookin' back
And everybody tookin' back
And anything she wanted all the guys
Now she was a site for sore pupils
And she likes to flaunt it cause she knows she got it
And she does the most intoxicating things
To make a man with worries
Feel everything is okay

She's got powers
And I think I want to get in her spell
Every bone inside me of all my cells

She holds you down but when you need a push
She keeps it honest
She reflects
Then she'll force you to look
You dig everything about her
From her head down to her follicles
There's a heaven in her smile
She'll steal your heart like a crook
Now she knows
Exactly what you want and when
And she goes
To any measures just to see you get it
And she flows
Like the now
I think that she was Nephertiti in a life
Before this present life was took
She got powers


Fizz and bubble when I see her yes
Want to see just how deep her abyss gets
Lost in the magic of her secret bliss
She is a bonafide keeper just
Want to travel inside and seek her depths
Mystique so fresh
From the west coast to the east coast
It's a death blow make a Negro get
Spun up in her web she don't need no net
People low and behold
She knows just
What I need make an ego
What I need make an ego
Fly like an eagle
Feelin' regal, o b-o-y
O she's so fly
Lethal injection
Frozen in my step like deep in breath
Keepin'a brethren like me in a head spin
Doc take a rain check
She is the medicine

She got some tricks and she got some treats
She'll shake the ground underneath you
Knock you off your feet
She got everything you dream about
Everything you think about
Hear melodies and sounds of music
When she speaks
She stays persistent with her energy
And she plays
Those games when its time to play 'em
And she ages
Like the finest kind of wine
And just a whiff of her ferment
Will make your knees get weak

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