N.E.R.D - Stay out of my mind

Why is it, you know what I'm thinking of.
I don't need to tell you. My head never stops.
You always know what I want to say.
So it's coming out of you, you take my breath away.

Silence in a positive way,
No words, just nothing to say!
You can feel if there's something wrong.
So I don't have to act, that I'm strong.
No words, nothing to do.
Silence, there words enough for me and you.

Why is it, you know what I want to do,
If there's a problem, would you feel that to?
Would you recognize pain?
Or would that silence be the same?

[REF] 2 X

I just want to say,
You don't have to talk anyway....
If I can feel it to,
then you don't have to break that silence,
there's nothing you have to say or do.

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