I - Mary

Mary make my mind imminent, make mine m-melody delightful?
give me the funk, a blunt if not some give me the spliff
a pipe full
chocolate, gotta get raided
take a hit, shake a bit, I'm stimulated
don't be afraid, take a toke and choke until you kill it
just go away with the smoke and smoke until you feel it
Miss Mary-juana want to marry me and make me happy
I know you want to, I can see your green eyes starin' at me

Those who know can understand the life of Mary
Those who glow, they live the life of lovin Mary
Those who grow can see the life preserve in Mary
Those opposed...

Mikah 9:
Do you want to know how to control and separate your ego from your soul?
come follow me, come follow me equality grows
and those who oppose legality then their faility shows
their virtu-o-so, it won't hurt you, no
so, roll, roll, roll your joint and anoint
to the point ??? to ignite
get a light, better strike
a match a bright green batch
of buddha, tye, indo, the sess
would it tie into your stress
yes, yes, this is cannabis
indeed I mean ?

M-M-M, M-M-M, M-M-M, M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mary
boss, buds, got you in love
took a tug and presto blood vessels
love the drug into your system
you're feelin' high, your inner eye
oh my, see the sky, good bye
it's everywhere so why do they lie
you want to try to deny, be shy
what a guy, can you keep a secret?
hemp is a temporary pimp for those that need
he know not, but a hot bowl of pot to free his soul
and one planted seed

some call you ganjah, pot, grass, ???, gold
take an indo load, in load, unload, take a hit, hold, sold
at the nearest corner right down the road
the more he growed, he showed, unfold a twenty and get blowed
it glowed in the dark, so park your car and spark a bowl
whether young or old we all love M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mary
and since me no sense is illegal
I'mma toke on my blunt and smoke when I want and fly...

Mary Bell, Mary Mack, Mary Tyler Moore/more sacks
Mary Jane attracts merry kings and Queen Marys
Mary sings fifteen Marys
Mary has a little thing for green Marys
the government is lovin' it, you dealin' it
they killin' it
so I defend the herbal blessing with verbal expression
so roll, roll, roll your joint gently at the seams
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is not a dream

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