B.j. cole - Beautiful
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Good girl gonna fucking bad
I thought she fuck me good she askin' where the party at?
She beautiful so she get away with it
And all of this in hopes of her making it

Beautiful girl
No matter who you are
Whether a superstar whether you regular
You know I love you girl
This one's for you girl
This one's for you girl
This one's for you girl
This one's for you girl

I think I met her bout' a year ago
College girl she was a Florida State Seminole
Had a job at the mall workin' ten to fo'
Hella fine I ain't lyin' y'all don't hear me though
So I'm walkin' right up to her, hey my name Ace
She replied with a smile and said her name's Shea
Very conservative, i luv that
Fitted jeans, rockin' J's and a snap-back
Yeah but I can see that she would kill a girl
See you hidin' that physique, you better get it girl
And you the shit but she don't' know yet
Turnin' red got her blushin' where your mama at
Cause all I wanna do is thank her
I'm using beautiful and gorgeous in the same verse
I swear I'm trippin you just got me open
And hope we can get acquainted what I'm highly hopin'


And I just hope this got you motivated
That's cause your body got me cultivated
Seeing your fine ass alone I just can't tolerate it
And all your friends say I'm a dog every conversation
Mad cause you smiling more on a daily basis
Tell me why they hating everything's accommodated
I'm just searching for your love but I'll be very patient
True story had a thing before we started dating
Say she never heard beautiful so many times
Silly guys approaching with all wrong lines
That's a reason for being a single a long time
And all the roses I sent you pleasure was all mine
Yeah women are beautiful in many ways
Confidence a stain never let it wipe away
What's a man without a woman I'm just here to say
Yeah I'm just here to say



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