Chamillionaire - Ridin (remix)
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(feat. Jae Millz & Papoose)

Sound of Revenge (Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Cheea)
Remix!! Jae Millz, Papoose and Chamillionaire (Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Cheea)
Chamilitary man (Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch,Cheea)
From the dirty south to the east coast
Same thing folks


The N.Y.P.D
be hatin
and hopin that they goin to catch us ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
And in my hometown
its the same thing
you know HPD can't catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin dirty(he's back)


I'm a millionaire(yeah)
I deserve some respect
The reason you was hired
Was to serve and protect(don't serve and protect)
but burn up your cheque
Take you a year to make what I earn in a sec
Old white lady said i was disturbin her rest(Yup)
Let me put you on to some current events
Last two times that i saw the police
I got served a sapina and served an arrest(Yup)
Who the hell said the suburbs was the best
He a liar I gotta bring 'em back to the streets
Jae millz got beef I'm comin back to the east
Papoose got beef I'm comin back with my piece(uh!)
I own my chrome not rentin it
The police know I'm gettin it
I roll 4 dough Infinity
So they pull me over tell me show identity
Continental drop roll like Kennedy
'Cept you can minus the assassination
I know cats be hatin'
I know that you waitin'
To catch me slippin'
while I'm tippin
Isn't that amazin
'Cuz you Can't drink gon be tough to find
Police tryin take me down like I'm Busta Rhymes
We're tryn'a bust da rhymes
Thats why they bustin down the doors
In the club tellin us to touch the ground(huh)

Chorus 1x

[Jae Millz]
I know the one time watchin me
'Cuz everywhere I go they followin
And they stoppin me(Why?)
'Cuz they think I'm ridin dirty
But you know I'm too smart for that
And as far as the tint what as dark as that
I got 'em midnight she be black on both sides
Probably over city size so our boys ride
I know they hate to see a young G ridin'
Pretty ass vehicle with a neck full of diamonds
But keep too close and I'll blind 'em
I'll show the strip girls what Harlem like
When I'm at Harlem Nights bag the wildest Divas
Make 'em take me shopping in the Galleria
From H-town to H-town we ride out
Burn money, shine and pull 'em rides out
Hit the block post up and grind out
When you hit cops the only time you call a time out
It's your boy Jae Millz in here
I gotta keep it trill in here
'Specially when I'm on the remix ridin dirty
with the homie Chamillionaire
Put 'em in the air!

Chorus 1x


Papoose Papoose that's who pass you
Bad news that dude parked dead on the strip(uh)
Keep a hot hun ridin shotgun
when I'm makin my runs gettin' head in the whip(uh)
Blow my gun 'til the cops come
Keep it on cock son put lead in the clip
Came to a road block, man that's a bitch
Had to make a u-turn, fled on 'em quick
Automatic, won't be caught dead with a stick
Put the pedal to the medal I'm wreckless with this
On the I-95, hand full of piff
Got the wild eye's why
I'm takin the risk
You sideline guys beggin' to snitch
Hope the K-9 can't find the bread or the bricks
None of ya'll rappers ain't F'in with this
Ya'll movin' backwards like 7 to 6(uh)
Rims goin' and goin'
I stay smokin' the corner
I'm steady blowin' and blowin' that straight Buddha
Sip Crys like Chris brown,Christopher Wallace,
Chris Reeve Christon and Luda
Keep the gat cocked stashed in the stash box
Locked up with padlocks I'm a straight shoota
A future billionaire runnin' with Chamillionaire
I'm outta here homie here come the state troopers

Refrein 2x

But tell um to try again

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