The game - Outro
Overige artiesten: Jt the bigga figga

Father you give us power to speak the word father
You say
We have but to ask with a sincere heart and it will be
So we thank you for this spoken word father
You say that when one or more come together
In your name your presents will be felt
So we now only ask to feel your presents
We need to feel your presents father
We thank you for the blessings you have given us this day
Things that people don't even realize that are blessings
The food you have given us to eat

The cars you have given us to drive
The cloths you have given us to wear
The money you have given us to spend
The lives you have allowed us to touch
And the lives that have touched our own
We thank you for all these things father in the name of Jesus
We thank you again for the power of the spoken word
I pray that by the end of this day this word
Which is your word coming through my mouth
Will touch someone
And save someone's life
In Jesus mighty name I pray
Amen amen


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