Passion - Bounce

Passion – Bounce

They are screaming,
Can you here "˜em?
Don't be afraid,
"˜Cause I know you're made
for this.
They are bumping,
Moving and humping.
Move your body,
Just like everybody.


Bounce baby, till the morning light.
Bounce baby, It is all right.
You want to come and bounce with me (c'mon).
Show me what you got, move your body, move your feet.
It's the right time, the right place, so set your self free.
Bounce baby, bounce baby, bounce with me.

They are freaking,
It feels like streaking.
You can't go stop it,
Because they rock it.

They keep going,
They won't stop flowing.
Till the morning,
They get people knocking.

Drop them, go calling
The cops yeah they are coming to stop them from falling.



Watch the kids walk and start bopping.
Heads to what the DJ's are dropping.
The funk is punking, hip hopping
Breaking the laws, this is shocking
I get down shake shake it shake it
Check everyone is watching in it
This beat bounces, here's my shot
Come on girls
We can dance and move
Shake it like it should
Said we can dance
Shake it like it should
I wanna dance
Shake it like it should
Oh we can dance
Shake it like it should



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