Junior kelly - Dem story

Fire with the bless from a long time
Every one Burn fire burn Babylon we come from passion
Fire with the bless from a long time
We Burn all hypocrites and the parasites design

Now we Sick a dem story, me sick a dem story

Promises, promises is all them giving
Say them break inno to help us on their willing
But all I see is just your senseless feeling
And the youth them all yeah ! Creeping for dem shilling
You then graduate and can't no get employment
No one inno inna them pocket them can't get no
But it's easier for a dry tee to be at our throat
Them for them ya hidden ya to tell me you get old

Sick a dem story me a dem story

Babylon he takes away holy on to sub tracks
Yes we seek up we seek up they say we're praying our
Mister fat cat, mister fat rat
Only come take the people to Armageddon
Dem a curse
Cause everything them say would get better, get worse
Enough of slavery we now get them burst
Rastafari come ya sooner big on earth
Babylon no put Rastafari first

Sick a dem story me a dem story

No Built no hospital and no build no training school
No build up no fortye for the young Governor rules
Nuclear bomb moment is what they invest in
Up the young they're stressing from the stadium of the
early beginning
No rock, no light, not a water inna me bribe
I ear the hard attack, Columbia assault me Tribe
Babylon rule when them divide
So I 'm running for my life
Me nah go stay a umpire the price

Sick a dem story me a dem story

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