Human Fortress - Schattentor

A road so old, so dark
A trail where the damned walk
I've reached the gates of Schattentor
Here under this sycamore
Lies buried my claymore
Through long absence I have not been here

Now armed with dagger, sword and bow
A thief will never let you know
That he is blamed to be the source
The bringer of an evil curse
That he is evil, honourless
Never crave a good fight
Yes I'm a thief, a larcenist
A creature of the night

Torches guide my way to Shattentor
Where wandering souls forlorn
For gold my soul will wander alone
Will wander alone

I'm a thief who never learned to fear
Often quiet when you come near
My life is all I hold dear
I am well paid for the bloodstains long
For robbing the wicked
And sending them where they belong

The guardian knights next to arrive
No, they will leave me alive
I saw their horses, through the tress
Heard their panting through the
Rumble, ruble through the grass
Through villages they pass
And over hills to find the thief
Known far and wide


I'm the tief known fear
The thief known far and wide
Know places I can hide
To elude a guard or enemy very close
For I am swift and clever than the most
The people don't know what I'm inside

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