Prince - Get on the Boat

Look out side you're window
Tell me now what you see
Coming up the mountain
For a new philosophy
Every single color
Every race and every creed
Lookin' for the truth y'all
That's gonna set somebody free

[Chorus: x2]
Get on the boat
Get on the boat, people
Get on the boat now
We got room for a hundred more

All across the nation
People doing what they can
To avoid the tribulation
That will be great throughout the land
Everything in darkness must come out into the light
When we love each other that's the only way that's gonna be right

[Chorus x2]

Good lord!

We were meant to live together underneath the sun
Eye can't think of nothing better
Don't you wanna come?

Get on the boat

Never mind what time it is
The party's just begun

No te alejes de esto
No te alejes de este momento de inspiración

You can can let your hair down
Let the music move you're feet
Panamama bring the drama
Dancin' to the beat


What's the harm in listening to the hopeful words we say
If it moves you're heart
You know you better get in without delay

Get on the boat
Get on the boat,people
Get on the boat now
We got room for a hundred more

Dance to the beat


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