Cassidy - Real talk

Full Surface (Full Surface)
Good evening Cassidy, Real Talk

Life is cruel but you can choose your life
An' if you 'on't make the right moves you could lose ya life
An' that ain't cool there's rules you gotta use in life
But I make the news tryna get some food to bite
Dudes drool when they see my jewels, cubes of ice
So I don't go nowhere without the tools at night, RIGHT
This for my niggas tryna choose they wife
An' my sistas that's tryna choose the dude they like
They call all men dogs cause ya'll prove 'em right
Until they get confused an' wanna choose a dyke
An' ya right hand man that you refuse to fight
Might stab you in the back but won't use a knife, RIGHT
Don't get it confused I moved the white
I get cream from the fiends that abuse the pipe
I like money, guns, ice, and alotta yea
So stress is the price I guess I gotta pay

Ha, ha that's real talk right there Cass
That's real talk baby. I mean the streets gon' relate to this one
They can relate to this

Yeah. Better play by the rules
Cause I'm tellin' you lotta niggas turn fools
Get lost in the system and get jammed with the nine
Tellin' you man respect my man Cass
It's fo' real on the field. This is Waah son talkin'
Fuck what ya heard

(Let's go)
I always tried to do it big but had small paper
Now I'm goin' big my friends want small favors
I'll see ya'll later cause I'm tryna stack
An' ya'll just tryna keep my back against the wall paper
You think it's easy to rap, this shit hard labor
I put years in; blood, sewat, and tears in
Plug ya ears in cause this real talk an' this some true shit
We all go through shit
See baby girl she got a seed on the way
An' she 'on't know how she gon' feed her lil' seed everyday
Another young brouther gon' bleed everyday
We in the gutta that's why we smoke weed everyday
Daddy locked but he innocent
He can't afford a lawyer and his public defender a degenerate
An' mommy she just heard her daughter call
She ain't got no lights and they 'bout to cut her water off

Uh, you know we all gon' pay
A matter ah time, we gon' live though
Don't even worry bout it. Just a matter of time
We be straight. Do whatchu gotta do
Stay focused. Gotta put ya time in
You 'on't put no time in you ain't gon' get nothing out of this
So you put ya time in, now it's your time believe that

I'm tryna get out the gutta look I don't grind for nothing
This so my lil' brother won't be deprived for nothing
Dodgin' duckin' bustin' feastin'
In police handcuffs goin' up the precinct
You could get stuck up by the sluts you sleep witt
While you eattin' it, suckin' it, fuckin' it, creepin' it
Even our young bucks is stuck on some street shit
Cuttin' school, puffin', plus they freakin', cussin', speakin' outrageously
I'm tryna get from route A to Z, get a house, play the V
Get a spouse, make a seed, relax and live
The kid Cassidy tell it how it actually is
I been stackin' bread but 'fore you look I'm gone
An' I'mma crook every song they put me on
An' it ain't no questionin' that
Man I know I'mma blow I just pray for the rest of you cats

That's what I'm sayin' man uh huh
You know the industry is what it is
The streets is what it is
It's a struggle
By the end of the day ya back is against the wall
For real how you gon' come up out of that
It's on you man (it's on you dog)

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