The Calling - Somebody Out There

Well the scene begins
A little girl was crying
And the light in the hallway is dim

And she sits right back
And thinks of a reason
Why nothing will fall into place

She gets more and more curious
With everyday
More furious in every way

She screams out loud,
"Why's it happening to me?"
And the answer is it's meant to be

She's on her knees and begging please
She wonders... If there's Somebody Out There
To make things wrong, to make things right
It might be that there's Somebody Out There

She was amongst the crowd
The people they walk by
She questions why they'll have to die

If its part of our lives
So beautiful and precious
She knows that she shouldn't be afraid
Of all this


Somebody Out There

There's times that she hates you
There's times that she thanks you
And hopes that you might understand

It gets hard that I'm here
So many things to fear
But its all just a sign that you're near


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