Montell jordan - What if i never

Pick up the phone
Where are you?
I'm fiening girl for you
Laying here I saw you
Damn girl, I adore you
I can't believe
Came so close
To losing you, almost
But oh I changed
Just in time
But now and then I wonder what if I

What if I never met you at all?
What if I never turned you on?
What if I never loved you better?
Made you laugh when you are all pissed off
What if I never bought you thangs
What if I never stopped playing games?
What if I never ever changed?
What if I never

Now you might say
I lost my mind
Thinking about her all the time
Girl got skills
And sexy ways
She puts it down
And I keep her laced
So even when my friends don't seem to understand
Ain't nothing comes between a woman and her man
I left my past
And made you mine
But every now and then I wonder what if I oh

What if I [Repeat: x3]
Didn't treat you like a queen
Could of lost everything
Baby tell me what if I

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