Forest sun - Always

I spent so long all alone
Waiting for someone
To come along
And make this heart a home.
Now your here I'm so glad
Best loving that I ever had
Baby, baby I’m in love with you
Like your eyes, like your smile
Dig your friends too babe, like your style
Baby, baby I'm in love with you
When we first met babe you gave me a thrill
Gotta say darling I feel that way still
I wanna stay with you until
We're both old wrinkled and gray.
Tell your mama not to worry none
Here's one man that ain't gonna run
We'll take that ride and when we're done
I'll still have this to say
I love you
More and more each day
And I'm going to love you
Always, always, all ways
Left me a note
Under my pillow
Said I'll be your gal if you'll be my fellow
Baby, baby I'm in love with you
So get dressed up we'll go dancing
Then head for the hills spend the whole week camping
Baby, baby I'm in love with you

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