Cherish - Chemical x

Composição: Cherish

Oh my gosh it, it is too late
He mixed the ingredient chemical x
Want to know what will be the effect
Is it dangerous, or fabulous?
Here they come they?re coming through
It?s Blossom and Bubbles and Buttercup too
Here to come to conquer the world
Beware of the Powerpuff Girls

Chorus 2x
They?re coming through and fighting
And everyone they?re shocking
You know no one can stop them
All because of the chemical x

Whoa now, now that you see
You should beware of the power of three
They come to fight as fast as they can
They?re dangerous, yet fabulous
Professor Utonium made them its true
They are the colors of pink, green and blue
They?ll catch you in a blink of an eye
And do it all before bed time

Repeat Chorus 1x

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Cherish and Powerpuff, two of a kind
Both want to save the world before bedtime
From Townsville, Memphis, New York, to LA
The Powerpuff girls are just here to stay

Repeat Chorus 3x

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