Cherish - Me and my girls

(Sugar, spice and everything nice

These were the ingredients

These were the ingredients

These were the ingredients

Chosen to create the perfect little girls...)


Me and my girls are takin' over

Ya better know

There's nothing that we can't do

When it comes to standin' up

And defendin' what's true

We do what we got to

We ain't afraid to let the world know

We got the power to change what's wrong

As long

As we're together

We're gonna stay strong

We do what have to

Ya know it ain't easy bein' a girl

'Cause so many people try to rule your world

They don't wanna give you the respect that you earned

It's like you gotta scream if you wanna be heard

But got to know within you lies

The power and strength to win the fight

And with your sisters by your side

There's nothing you can't survive

With the sugar, spice and everything nice

We got a little something


Holdin' us all together

We're takin' over


'Cause the world is a crazy place

And they you you're just a pretty face

So hold on to you no matter what they say

You can't just let them convince you to throw all your dreams away

And when you think you've had enough

Remember you've got the stuff

Inside that makes you twice as tough

And you're a diamond in the rough


So let all your superabilities show now

Let them all know that you just refuse to bow

'Cause there's no way anyone else can hold us down


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