Luther vandross - If it ain't one thing
Overige artiesten: Foxy brown

[Foxy Brown]
Yes, dutty
It's ya girl Fox Brown and I'm comin' through ya town
Know what I mean, but for Luther I'ma keep this clean, yes (oh)

[Verse One: Luther Vandross (Foxy)]
Could've died when I found out we
Couldn't live together peacefully
That's when it started and we nearly parted
Well I was hoping not to see that day
We started getting in each other's way
Maybe it's better, we don't live together

Things got strange, my space to chill became half the size
You became, someone I didn't even recognise (what)

[Chorus: Luther (Foxy)]
What's the matter now? (y'know)
What you talkin' bout?
If it ain't one thing, it's another (that's right)
If it ain't one thing, it's the other (whatever)
Why you gotta put me down?
What you complaining about?
If it ain't one thing, it's the other
If it ain't one thing, it's another (Dutty)

Oh, oh (what) oh, oh, oh, I remember
{And I was like that when you left me}

[Verse Two: Luther (Foxy)]
I remember when, I got a yacht for a dinner cruise
The way you treated everyone was rude
And I don't believe ya, you're such a diva (that's right)
I told the waitress we wanted wine {uh huh}
You got upset because the girl was fine
You're complicated (you know), but somehow we make it

I get tired, from all I have to do to keep you satisfied
Get no sleep, you call me in the middle of the night and weep


[Bridge: Luther] {Foxy}
I guess I can't see the wool through you're eyes {yes, uh}
(Pretty little brown eyes) {yes}
I guess I don't understand what goes on, goes on, goes on {LV, baby!}
In your mind

[Foxy Brown]
Now Luther what you mean if it ain't one thing, then it's another
Look brother, we took a vow to cherish each other
And I, been through the storm
But you keep disrespecting and ignoring me
I swear, won't be long til I'm gone
But, ain't nothing worse than a black woman scorned
I move with integrity, it's hard being a celebrity
And loving you is like a Gift and a Curse
You ain't gotta think twice, 'cause I'm leaving you first (uh huh)

[Chorus: x2]

I must admit that at times I talk slick
But I'm the woman of this house, my best defense is my mouth
And, I give you good love, I cook you dinner
And like Halle and Denzel, your wife is a winner
So on, you chose your bed so sleep in it
I should've known from day one, but I was so deep in it, so
Since what I'm saying, is going in one ear and out the other brother
This ain't your house, get the hell out!
And leave the keys and the drop top Z behind
You can't diss me, then expect to keep what's mine
So keep thinking you can use and abuse me
While you realize you miss me, I'm gone, taking my ish with me

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