Mobb deep - The family (skit)

We laughin' at you n****s
'Cause half of you n****s is b****es
We blastin' at you n****s
'Cause half of you n****s is snitches

We reptiles and you n****s is rodents
We after you n****s get hit with projectiles
Who fought a thousand bullets
Our triggers are stolen like SoundScans

We know what city n****s money in
We pound fans, come to town and clown
Man, we know what city n****s money in
I'm a bad man with sickle cell, it's

Coleone and X-Raided
Tryin' to scam man, that s*** gone fail, it's gonna be on for the exclaimated
I mean well, Lunasicc 'cause
Why these n****s tryin' to mean mugg?

It's a b**** if you don't realize that this music s*** will never come between us
We family muthaf***a! What you expectin' us to do?
Think you could handle me muthaf***a? Til' this Tec bust at you?

[edited out] suck a fat dick, as you gotta understand and testify
[edited out] is a fat b****, better understand and recognize
When my n****s see you, they gonna grab the gats, walk, and spray you all
When it come down to my family n****, f*** platinum, that ain't it at all

[Chorus: x 2]
Who want to f*** with me and my family?
Tight hoes and tight clothes, can't be mad at me
B**** n****s out in the streets suckin' dildos
My Relli, we stompin' hard in them steel toes

N**** it's fam bam, recognize, this real s***
Family over hoes, and family over scrill b****
Hotter than cleavage on my Dear Old Aunt Rosey
Throw up the middle finger on n****s that owe me

It's Coleone, I'm a G, hang with me
From Chicago to Sac, n**** bang with me
I f*** with n****s who don't have no love for a snitch
Screamin' out at the party "No Love For A B****!"

I'm a psycho, I flow, like currents in the River
Ride strapped with gats, no size, no shivers
It's Coleone, me and my family, we do things
And spill any n****s brains over my change


Me and my family ridin' on 'em Dogg
Like X-locc, I'm a young muthaf***in' Hogg
They say I'm crazy like a fox, n**** watch this
I'm on stage tellin' my fans that you suck dick
You want to come between my family, hope you take a check
That's what I'm gone do
So n**** best respect
It's Coleone boy! Nobody gone take my manhood
'Cause do or die n****s like me, grow in every hood
And that's the real though, these hoe n****s suckin' on dildos
Holdin' on tight to some s*** n****s'll kill for
Best respect the game, all that it's worth
N**** next gone smash, stay away or get hurt

Writers: NASIR JONES , Kejuan Waliek Muchita , Albert Johnson , DAMON J. BLACKMAN

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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