Jagged edge - Crying out
Overige artiesten: Bad girls

Can I ask You something
uh uh..yeah J.E boyz yeah

Why can't I have a good girl (preach)
Cause I wanna give her the finer things
not just designer things
Love..is what I'm talking about
Nothing wrong with that wine and dine
I'm talking about quality time
if you was..if you was
a doctor..you can pull out your tuner
Listen to my heart
Hear what it would say yeah
No delaying..I'm praying
My heart is saying
boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

Turn me out with you
Hear my body crying out
(crying ouw ouw out, crying crying ouw out)
Say you hear it to
don't judge me I'm just crying out
(boy I got boy you know I got you)
Looking for a good girl
listen to my heart and
hear the way it moans ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow
Listen how it moans ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

With a lover in my future
ain't talking about that kind
where you give all you got
and in the end you still lose her
talking 'bout that kind who truly understands
and she knows how to treat a man
(yes she do, yes she do)
Talking bout that kind who stays down with you
till the point friends think she's stoopid
That's what my heart needs
that's what my heart needs yeeaaaah


Just hear me crying out (out)
My heart is crying out yeah
crying out
my heart is crying out yeah
crying out (yeah yeah)
(oh oh) say my heart is crying now (oh oh)


You should now I'm hurting
you should know I'm crying out


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