Buju banton - Tra la la

I love it when the woman them surround me
Pair of hot gal mi have to crown me, sing
Tra la la, tra la la, tra la la
And if your loving is a ocean let it drown me
Knock me up pick me up and rebound me
Sing, Tra la la, tra la la, tra la la

Now you going to get the real thing
The right thing
Nothing like the hyping
Because of the way you wining
I can see that you liking
Because you boring life could take some spicing
Down low cold hard is nothing exciting
Woman a we all, woman a we everything
Petite in a figure plus chocolate skin
Baby love how you going hard,
Love you smooth talking
Be the man a your yard
Ah my sweet little thing
Could never be a curse is a direct blessing
Upset and a curse through you mesmerizing
Not to worry at all don't fret me darling
Them sink you a float through you born good looking
Ladies in the house make me hear you sing
Tra la la, tra la la, tra la la

One in a million me to bo you man perfect born
Hot stepper cruising with true name brand
Sipping Crystal oh Ice on the hand
Ladies get wild to their favorite song
Gyrating waistline clapping hands
Like (chattering)
We dance on baby girl its here tonight
Who make your body go left to right
Rocking your worldlike dynamite
You have what it takes you got what I like
Fatness in abundance plus a looking device
A not liposuction your natural tight
Tits them a the perfect size
Gyating and clap make me hear your voice
Sing, Tra la la, tra la la, tra la la

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