The Pirate Movie - We Are The Pirates (film version)

Yo ho ho ho
Yo ho ho ho
Yo ho ho ho
Yo ho ho ho

We are the pirates.
We are the pirates.
Out on the ocean waves, we instill fear and loathing
(Loathing, we are very, very loathed.)
Marauders with shiny swords
and very fancy clothing
(Clothing, we are very well clothed.)
Local supremacy is what we gun for.
We raise our flag and watch those cowards run.

We are the pirates. (Rulers of the high seas)
We can be irate. (Sometimes very nasty)
We wheel, We deal,
We steal and thunder.
We shoot, we sloot,
We put 'em under.
We are the pirates. (Shoot, loot, plunder)
We can be irate. (shoot, loot asunder)
The Pirates, we are the pirates


Nothing we like better than an all-in brawl, (Yeah)
Locked in battle, watch our victims fall.
We are the pirates (Batten down the hatches)
We can be irate. (Ay, Ay Captain)
The pirates (Yo ho ho)
Lads, the pirates (Yo ho ho)
We are the pirates.

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