Ernestine anderson - Moonlight in vermont

CM7/6 CM7 Dm7 Fdim
Pennies in a stream...

CM7 Am Bb9
Falling leaves of sycamore...

Bm7-5 Fm7 C Dm7 G
Moonlight in Vermont.

CM7/6 CM7 Dm7 Fdim
Icy finger waves...

CM7 Am Bb9
Ski trails on a mountain side...

Bm7-5 Fm7 C
Moonlight in Vermont.


F#m7 B7 EM7 E6
Telegraph cables, they sing down the highway

F#m7 B7 EM7 E6
As they travel each bend in the road

Gm7 C7 FM7 Cdim
People who meet in this romantic setting

Gm7 C9 F - Fdim
Are so hypnotized be the love - ly...

CM7/6 CM7 Dm7 Fdim
Evening summer breeze...

CM7 Am7 Bb9
Warblings of the meadowlark...

Bm7-5 Fm7 C C/B Am7 Am7/G
Moonlight in Vermont...


F Fm Fdim Fdim(III) C9 Am7 Dm7 Fdim(III) C
You and me and moonlight in Vermont.

Writers: John M. Blackburn , Karl Suessdorf

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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