Big moe - Feel me
Overige artiesten: K love Big toon Noke d.

[Noke D]
Uh its Noke D baby
In here with Twin & Gwin
K-Luv nah I'm talkin bout
Its 2002 what ya'll gon do?
(Keep It Real Gangsta!)
Man its been along time comin

Wave Ya Hands If Ya Feel Me
Drop ya top and keep it real yea
Wave Ya Hands If Ya Feel Me
Drop ya top and keep it real yea

[Big Moe]
Now if you keep it real lil' ma go on,put ya hands up
I just need some scrilla ma go on pull ya pants up
Now you can stand up or you can drop down
Open up wide lil' mama say "hey"
Now I know you throwed dime piece fa sho
When we talkin now I see ya tongue ring glow
And you not like them other lil boppaz
You kinda throwed you can break us off proper
Ain't no trippin wit you cause I like what we do
Its always somethin new that is why you gotta...


[Big Moe]
If you keepin it real go on raise ya hands up
South seia felias go on raise ya dress up
Let ya candle dance in one stance
Turn up yo sound let your system enhance
Now ya know we throwed playas don't save hoes
Candy on chrome pop trunk on glow
Crawlin like a gator on the dark now
Ya know I gotta pint po'ed in a Sprite
Ain't no talking to the laws
The laws can kiss my balls
Don't do the speed limit when I crawl
If ya know what I'm talkin' about y'all


Lemme tell ya how it feel when ya droppin' ya top
Pullin' up at Exxon and ya watchin' 'em bop
Makin' it hop bringin' it not
Pullin' through the Cario with a bad hoe drippin' ya knot
Grabbin' the glock cause sometimes boys be hatin'
Mad when they see young K-Luv skatin'
Down to get my cake baby with the top reclined
Casey in the 4-door with the dot to yo spine

Toon expedition we ain't playin' no games
We goin' park the 6 so we can floss the range
40 inch chain so my piece can hang
Ball kappa tennis shoes is a everyday thing
Purple stuff up in our cup we drank
While sippin' on a gallon here's the tap we crank
Bodies feelin' good from the X we take
And pockets filled up from the mission we bring

[Noke D]
Chunk that deuce in the air
Body rock with the H-town mayor
If you beatin' ya block and got hops on ya drop
Put ya middle fingers up in the air
I just want you to raise ya hands up high
Let me see em' player wave em' left to right
I just want you to drop ya top on yo ride
Man its sparklin' inside its goin' down tonight

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