Blackalicious - Passion
Overige artiesten: Rakaa Iriscience Babu

An open microphone can be dangerous
Let's tune in on two of the greatest MC's out there

[Rakaa, Gift of Gab]
The will to win, the spark within
The strength within the hearts of men
The drive to press, to strive for best, to rise
You've just arrived the quest is driven through
To play through pain and love the game
To break the chain and blaze the flame
The fight for rights to love your life, to rise
You've just arrived the quest is driven through

Propaganda, positive propositions
Politician, musician and a triple optician
Still part of my missions to slaughter the opposition
Critics that don't get it, I tell 'em to stop bitchin'
I do without blacks, I've done it without cash
Strictly for the love of the art - that's passion
Flashin', rappin' or jammin' or soundblastin'
When Quannum meets Expansion, this is what happens

[Gift of Gab]
Runnin' through the jungle with a flare gun
Arrow-arms, zoning out my mind
Like I was hooked on hero-ine
Take the fire, turn it up and blaze whole forest down
Pullin from within' the inner insane warrior
California to the District of Columbia
Hella high octane, lookin' through a lazy eye
All ablaze, fire, flames, lightin' up the sky
Runnin' through the burnin' sun, yellin'
Ride, nigga ride, nigga ride..


Desire, the fire that inspires
I don't state facts, I state buildings, like empires
The journey, the learnin', the time-turnin'
The searchin', the mind yearnin' to wake and find morning
The ladies they love the long-lasting
Asking for action, braced for satisfaction

[Gift of Gab]
The black-skinned African jazz-men of the half in Aspen
Relaxed, gettin' my back rubbed

I'm still here, I've seen cats get killed here
I've seen cats make a mil but millionaires still fear
You can buy airplanes but you can't buy cheers
Blackalicious, Dilated, vibratin' your ears

[Gift of Gab]
Sent vibrations for years, I've been waiting for years
I've been patient for years, we ain't playin' this year
We hold stake in this here, it ain't safe for this year
We in the zone watch next level, takin' it there, this is


Let's listen to this recipe for-
Chief Xcel-
The most astonishing-
New seeds of wisdom, craft, and skill
(Check it out, y'all)
Listen now, to this classic moment from-
DJ's, around the world, DJ's around the world

[Gift of Gab]
Had a rough week, it got beat by passion
Saddled up, tweaked off a beat, started mashin'
Matador Rica, the heat from the heater
In her world, dwellin', hear the world
Yellin' for a leader

I don't bother with the dealers, I take it to the lab
It's Rakaa chillin' with Babs, Xcel, Gift of Gab
I grab mics and fans gravitate, I can't waste it
My whole life, I wanted it so bad, I could taste it


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