Ghostface killah - Love session
Overige artiesten: Ruff endz

Just like a fresh pair of Royals on the first day of school
It was love, even from the jump I spoiled you
Before the fame camera cars and the glitter
Though my occupation is tasty for God's sake it came with the bitches
But that's on another note (uh-huh) let me explain here
Right now sugar on how I feel for you
Like when we ugh yo I get these crazy chills from you
And when we done, yo I know the perfect meal for you
The mashed joints, big onions on sauteed fish
Little Royal, candle and one big kiss
You my pumpkin and my 'nilla custard, you cussed me out
When you found condoms laying in my pocket I was busted
I gets right with you (uh) form a life with you (yeah)
The type after sex get a warm rag and then wipe you
Hyped up love light it up, might bite you at the altar
I'm biting off you, I'm wearing white too

[Ruff Endz]
Ain't it funny how tables turn, chase you all around
Change your life baby, cause I love you baby

[Chorus: Ruff Endz]
Stuck with me through the thick and thin
Through the pain and strife, the love of my life
Said that it will ne-ver last
But I'm here by your side, the love of my life

And I'm here, that's my word
Only fight you when we makin love, that's what I call it
Burnin the chronic we laughing while I'm shitting on the toilet
Camcord it, happy times record it, the time you asked me
For them blue Nike's, I was like, "Boo I can't afford it"
I was fucked up, plus I was stuck, Starks the King
Hit the block and still scraped up, eighty beans
How you like them apples? My technique is Taye Diggs
Your attitude is right that's why I made you my Wiz
The only girl that can make my shit jump, with the slightest touch
You at the stove while I'm grabbin my stuff
God forbid something happen to us
Let's remain and friends and discuss our troubles and might try again
Word to my Iron pen, it's not good to hold the crying in
I feel the same way your heart's trapped in the lion's den
Iron Man, I am him
It's the beauty in our souls through Allah where the love lies within

[Ruff Endz: x2]
Can't believe you found love in me, through everything
Held me down like my boys in the streets, here's the ring
What you want to do? What you want to do?


[Ruff Endz]
Every part of me, every thing I've done
Is still there, still there, still care, oh
Always been there baby
I don't want to, and I don't want to cry no more baby
And I love, and I love and I love you girl


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