Benediction - I Am the Disease

In a world of no ones
I'll be the freak
Turn and hide from the mask you see
Misshapen face of fear

I will be your obscenity
I will be the depraved
I will be your deepest fear
That lights the dark that you so crave

Created in honor, in honor to live
Invisible, terror descends
The deepest fear come true
One false move and you know you'll fall
The abyss of nightmares gapes below you

Hideous to look upon
A deformed face, a bastard son
A pantomime, a colorful tale
Yet in this theater, no beauty prevails

How could they do this to me?
My Lord, he never cared
Screaming for help and I was not saved
Tried to trust but I found despair

They have despised me since the day I was born
Reviled by truth, their minds too small
Tearing open blinded sightless eyes
Only death is real the true demise

Unquenchable thirst never slaked
Set loose the storm within me
It rages on

I'll obliterate all you doubters
With my hammers of twisted truth
Drive the nails deeper into your hands
Feed the sickness, destroying you

Vomit the beast upon the unsuspecting world
Surprise on their faces is joy to behold
Try to silence me, but killing me now won't work
Eternal heretics forever speak

I am the disease
I am that which rots inside
Festering within
There is no cure for my plague

And though I die in vain
I die with open eyes
Take the grave this sight from me
Sweet silence of the obscene

Specter of insanity looms
Burning pain consumes me
Vile hatred, the truth will out
Heaving flesh, mine to create

Unquenchable thirst never slaked
Set loose the storm with

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