Benediction - Don't Look in the Mirror

There's an animal inside of you (don't look in the mirror)
Banish it from your mind (the face in the mirror)
Execrate the willing state (don't look in the mirror)
Desecrate the pure of fate

You think you're safe? you cannot hide
Deep within? see what's inside
Dysfunctional civility
Ultraviolet dream

So polite, so fair to all
You've just so fucked up
Withered and small
Doff the hat, play the game
While all the time you're playing just for your own gain

Aggressive creature, you're not so divine
Open your heart to the killer inside
Lex Talionis inside you keep
Laughing as your enemies weep

Laughing as your enemies weep

Eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth
Revealing in what lies beneath
Savagery the real law
Give as good as you get
Settle the score


Smiling as your enemies scream

Hide your face from the mirror, avoid the truth
But you can never hide from the beast inside of you

You want to feel disgust
But deep within it's truly lust
Give in to the animal revealed
And to the beast inside you yield!

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