Benediction - Easy Way to Die

You'll get a taste of the forbidden fruit
Of what I have to give
Temptation can be so sweet
To feel what it's like to truly live

All the depravity
All the crime and sin
But when it's over you'll be begging me
To push the needle in

Drift away, float from the world
No one really cares

Pleasure pain, there's just no divide
Beyond the limits of the human mind
Just one more time, it's really making sense
Ruinous, yet so immense

Dreaming as you gasp for air
Fall away from a life of care
Sink into a lifeless state
The greatest high to recreate
There's poison flowing through your veins
Some choices when they've made can't be erased
Try to forget yourself
And so shall the world

The sweetest pain is no divine
Perception's depth in slow decline
Take the hit, get the high
Take the easy way to die


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