T.i. - Hotel
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[T.I. (Too $hort)]
Hey shawty
(Whats up player?)
Hey, you 'member that broad we met back on the road last year, bout '99?
(The one up in NYC?)
Nah, nah, not the one from New York, I 'memba her too doe
I'm talking bout the one from L.A.
Lil bad bitch I met in the mall wit the big ass
(Oh, oh, that bitch)
Here what she said
(Whats up?)

I'll meet you at the hotel, we can fuck all night
Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody
(Shit, let's do it, where you at?)
I said, meet me at the hotel, we can fuck all night
Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody
(Shit baby, keep yo mouth shut we can do it, sho nuff)

One day in L.A., I'm at the mall
Picking me up a couple a pairs of silk drawls
And I ran into this fine ass well built broad
She was in hard from a long way
So I'm finna go on swing shawty way
Just like the song say, 'cause I don't play
Miss lady built like a amazon
A 5'9", light brown, wit some sandals on
The kinda ass that make you wanna grab a handle on
And fuck her all day in the hallway with the candles on
So I wave, and I speak and conversation coo
She asked my name, where I'm from and why I talk the way I do?
I said "'cause I ain't from round here, I'm from Atlanta shawty, but anyways
We can still get together, 'cause I'm goin' be here for a couple of days"
And then she say, she never been ta Georgia, she was dyind ta visit
Well, I'm in room 312, at the Sofatel, I'm sho that they listed
She got the digits, say she like me, and that we can be friends
If I ain't welcome shawty, don't invite me, ain't no need ta pretend
I'm wanna lick on ya neck, kiss ya ears, and make yo knee bend
Put ya ass in positions you never thought you'd be in
Now, I'm telling you shawty, fucking wit me, like divin of deep end
Have you sneeking, creeping in Georgia, freak on the weekend


This time, it was me n KP, in NYC
On some Quevo and Hennessy, and 2 sweets with two freaks
Some of the baddest things in Times Square wit some long hairz, cute feet
One of 'em say she wanna drive me to Coney Island so she can show me the new beach
Couldn't nobody ride wit me doe, cause the car only had 2 seats
Lil' cute freak, in the Z3, remind me of one of my hoes in the GC
Told me her name was Sharell but all of her friends call her Cici
Say she up he a going to NYU, but originally she frum DC
Say she'd love ta freak me, reminisce while listening to my CD
Lay me out on the beach feed me strawberries n kiwi
Shawty say she like what she see, can't wait ta get down hea n see me
Round Freaknik, say soon as you hit the city all you gotta do iz beep me
And let me know what its finna be, the Four Seasons or the Embassy
Get a voice mail round 10 ta 3, and then what she said ta me...


Tell'em how you did the broad shawty
(I fucked the bitch, and forgot the bitch)

[Too $hort]
I'm having fun, getting pussy on the run
Bitches coming to my room, tryin' to make me cum
In Cleveland last weekend, O-High Hoe, was really going on?
She said "Stick it down my throat"
A lotta y'all married, to my ex tramps
She shouldn't worry, I sent the bitch to sex camp
Taught her how to fuck, she made you fall in love
I fucked her real tough, now you can't get enough
Knocking on my door for yo hoe, that's no game pimp
I fucked all them bitches DMX was naming
Fucking hoes from Milly, bitches out in Philly
Puerto Rican, Dominican, New York pussy, ya feel me
I been nationwide since '88
So don't clown when I'm around, keep yo lady straight
Cause I'ma, beat her pussy down in the worst way
You waited six months, and I fucked her on the first date, at the Hotel

[T.I. & Too $hort talking through Chorus]
Meet me at the hotel, we can fuck all night
(Hoe, don't tell nobody, bitch!)
Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody
(That's right, we runnin' up in these hoes
Trackstarz baby, real players, balling in the ATL)
I said, meet me at the hotel, we can fuck all night
Do me how you want to, I won't tell nobody
(You better ask yo bitch about us
Take the game from Timbucktoo to the Kalimazoo
You know how a player do,
And one mo thing baby
Check out time Arivaderchi, capeesh? Bishhh)


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