Diary of dreams - Exile

Now sit - sucker - and beg for mercy
I saved your life a million times
Why serve if you can rule yourself
So sceptical of my existence
My mutation - gently gliding
switched to normal
So desperate, so sincere like a child
O' I can't see my face in any mirrors
Fanatically I'm moving on... Into

Ex-ile exploited - Humiliation cost

Deceitful, disgustful,
But words can never change the facts
Distrustful, disrespectful
but fanatics never lose their trace

Your enemies surround your kingdom
Your disciples in defeat
Come home, we'll welcome you with laughter
And your longing turns concrete
Reject the courts decision
Sweat pearls gliding, as the judge regains the word
Put blame on your breath until it bursts apart
or choose to vegetate... Into

Ex-ile exploited - Humiliation cost

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