Mint Royale - Show Me

They lie y'all

Here comes my boys, Plug 3 and 2,
My names Plug 1, I'm here to do
The job that you expect of me
That ties the rap to open eyes daily, to
Know how, supervision, the incision
Of a song that cut a smile across your face for life,
Sometimes the body needs to feel stressed to appreciate the joy.

Here comes my boys, Plug 3 and 2
My names Plug 1, had a third son, here to do,
Lets move the heart sort out the light load
In our desire to be famed.
Daylight open eyes to know how
Song that cut a smile across your face for life,
Well keep your arms raised
Listen to this track for long
That I chocked full of soul.

Ey yo
Give it up, you're not in
You're not in
Shame to play against my men
My men
Keep longs to blow just like
Just like
Gabrielles done in your sight
Move the heart to every blood type
Blood type
Through the guards in every blood fight
Blood fight
After war, pass peace pipe
Peace pipe
Ask forgiveness, cease rights.

Y'down with that?
C'mon man, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
That is that


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