D.i.t.c. - Spit

You know we got it sewn for now
Cause I throws it down
Plus I'm frozen down with a golden sound
Where that lye at?
I blow blunt backwards nigga try that
Dat expose these high acts
To my rap when my gat blow I's more than just about rap
Strong hold a Giant and his fam
I doubt that gonna make cats flip with or without rap
But still makin' hits nigga where your mouth at?
How's that?
Bounce the track with a rap I doubt you pack
I'm straight up motherfuck yo cats is out the back
I must confess I smoke bless
Blessed to make to the loot investin' my troops
And holdin' my rests known for chest in arrest
Home alone with some dame
Name the weed Sharon cause I'm Stone
I rock the five the dire
The next stop is the money train
See me in the Range then you know that the money came

Want to be blown retarded I got a jones for dollars
And if you know what I know you'll say "those niggas hit the hardest"
Roll with known robbers but still burn scholar
With PhDs my degrees is 360
Merked off in the zero that follows the fifty
I believe I can fly even higher than these trees get me
I brought the desert E's with me
With more clips than a bag of roaches
I'm mad explosive
Keep watchin' y'all fowl like judges in boxin'
Out fox'em you better hold your head it's not an option
Exel on the spot
You're shell shocked
I show niggas first it was catch and kiss
Now nigga catch a dick
Like 62 grams I flip quick
A brick couldn't slow me down
Cause only I hold me down
Now these hoes Change Faces
They want to stroke me now
Cause they know it's me but next move it's get O.U.T

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